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    Post  TaraUsmc on Wed 3 Feb 2010 - 15:32

    I created this organisation to help the troops and their families in any way we can

    I want to reach those troops who dont get anything but a letter once a month from home those who just get letters those who need a morale boost .. and then the families the wives who need to move but have no idea where or who to turn to .. the Fiances who are worrying about thier troop the gfs who everyone forgets YOU are all family to your Military member and they need you just as much as the married ones..

    So i figured if we can band together and get donations .. and ideas together .. we could make this work and reach those who arnt so lucky to have a support system where people want to help them !

    Please help us do this its important to help our troops and their families as most of you know !

    if you yourself need help dont hesitate to Email me on here or on my actual email address ..


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